Thursday, January 24, 2008

Xobni is Cool

Okay - I have been getting requests to write again. The problem is, most of what I would post about is no longer directly related to C# or development tasks. I focus on IT strategy now.

However, I do have something cool to post about. One of our infrastructure consultants noticed me digging around in Outlook yesterday looking for a response to an email. He excitedly ran back to his desk so he could send me a link to a beta-release of an Outlook add-in called Xobni (or Inbox backwards).

This add-in is super cool. When I click on an email in my inbox, I now have a left-hand pane that shows me a picture of the person who emailed me (I uploaded these) along with an extrapolation of the person's contact information, a rating assigned to that person depending on how much we email back and forth, stats on what time of day I am most likely to receive an email from this person, a list of related contacts with links to their info, recent conversation strings (showing what I said, the response, what I said back, etc), and recent file attachements sent to me.

So far, I am a huge fan. Although when I ran the Xobni stats it did make me wonder what the heck I was doing in August to spike my average response time to emails to an all-time high of 35 minutes. I guess I was quite the slacker that month - oh wait...that is when I was on vacation :)


Avonelle Lovhaug said...

I am super jealous. I'm on the waiting list for the beta, but I haven't gotten in yet.

It sounds like it will be worth the wait (if I ever get in!)

Valerie Vogt said...

Don't worry - I got you covered. Check your inbox.

gooberdlx said...

glad to see you back posting Val, your insights were missed!

Avonelle Lovhaug said...


iwkid said...

Great to see you blogging again, Val!