Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can I Have Your Picture?

Please believe that I am not a stalker - but I am addicted to getting my Xobni information all set up. And I know I am not alone out there that when I get a new email and see the generic no-picture graphic show up in the right-hand corner of my Outlook inbox it begs me to put something more interesting in its spot.

So if you catch me snapping your picture next time I walk by you, or searching through Google images for a likeness of you, please don't worry. It isn't that I have an unhealthy attachment to you personally - it is that I cannot stop until Xobni is fully populated. And if you do have a picture out there on the internet somewhere - I will find it.


jake said...

You can use this picture of me :)

Valerie Vogt said...

That one is better than your HR picture, and you would have been a hard one to sneak up on with my camera phone since you are in Texas :)

Anonymous said...

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