Friday, August 11, 2006


I am sitting at my kitchen table, wrapping up some work before I close up shop for the weekend, and I hear some rustling outside in the garden. I look out the window, and I see two strapping men sneaking around with laptops and they are stealing my wireless!!! What do I do about this? I decide to bring them some chairs and offer up a few beers, but they must pay me rent for my wireless - a trick off the diving board each.

Check out John Howes and Dan Mork's new blog and company site. They call themselves humanstuff, and that they are. They are driving around town, so lock up your wireless access and keep an eye out - but if you do see them, at least offer them a beer. I am not exactly sure what their company will sell, but they have already provided me with inspiration to bust out my keyboard and blog again :)

Good luck, Dan and John. Don't forget about us little guys when you go international and are stealing wireless in places like Bora Bora and Cairo.