Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Squeeze is On

The time is t - 12 and counting. I am sure you have all been there. You have planned out all of the tasks. You have worked hard to meet the deadline. You felt in control of the iteration. You knew you had this one nailed. But then, as the hour of deployment draws near, it seems like a cruel trick has been played. Suddenly there is an insurmountable amount of work left. Are the tasks multiplying? It seems like as each loose end is tied up, two new ones pop up as if some evil magic spell were cast on the project. It is in this hour, when the odds sometimes seem overwhelming, when I am beginning to forget what the outside world looks like from the long hours of staring at my laptop screen in my cubicle, when the pressure is on, that somehow I feel that I do my best work. Am I a masochist? I have decided that either I perform well under pressure, or I am delirious from a lack of sleep. Do you know the feeling? Where after staring at a problem for hours the solution appears to you so clearly it is as if it were the result of pure genius and you feel completely satisfied with the world…then again, maybe even a hack looks like an ingenious solution when time is short.


Justin J. Vogt said...

If you're a masochist.... well then I must be a SUPER MASOCHIST, because I love the pressure!

Bring it on... it is these times that I work best. There really is nothing better than a good old fashioned challenge. So when the click is a tick'in and the bell is about ring, call in Java Kid.

Val you're completely right, there is something exhilarating about being put to the test and showing off what've you got.

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, I haven't had to be completely crammed for time on our current project... BUT I do say that I too (along side of Java Fan Boi) that pressure defintely gets me going! I do awesome work and love it... Plus it make's the reward that much more rewarding at the end when you know you didn't buckle and still got things done. I think this somewhat comes from the academic world, where do don't always do our work ahead of time..