Monday, October 25, 2004


After getting great feedback from blameMike and Chistopher Hawkins to my previous posts, as well as being referrenced by Julie Lerman and Avonelle Lovhaug, I thought it would be a good idea to turn tracking on. So I have added Haloscan commenting and trackback to my blog.


blameMike said...

There’s one thing about Haloscan that you should be cognizant of (the preceding was taken directly from Haloscan’s support forum):

1. Help! My old comments disappeared from Haloscan and my blog!

A: You're not a Premium member, are you? If you're not, all comments older than 4 months will be archived by Haloscan (NOT deleted). You cannot presently access these without becoming a Premium member. No, there is no other way.

I had a fair amount of comments on my blog from some really cool cats (Carl Franklin, Eric J Smith, Phil Winstanely) that have now gone the way of DOS -- until I become a Premium Member that is (which I don’t envisioning anytime in the immediate future).

Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

You lose your comments after 4 months? Ouch!

Sounds like a good excuse to write your own blogging tool, Val. ;)

Posted "anonymously" by Christipher Hawkins (the Great and Terrible). :P

blameMike said...

That's what I'm doing -- writing my own ASP .NET blog app that is.

Valerie Vogt said...

Thanks for the tips. I am now removing Haloscan...