Friday, November 18, 2005

To All the Blogs I've Loved Before

I noticed that a good many of you who read my blog also read Jake's...or at least you used to. Despite his best efforts to alter the entire known human population to the fact that his long awol blog is back online, in case any of you were left in the dark - check out Jake's blog. Jake - how we have missed you.

Also, in an earlier posting, I made reference to a colleage of mine. I did not realize that he had a blog (shame on me). So here is a link to Mike's blog, as well.

What a crazy bunch of guys I work with :)


Jake Good said...

Val! Love the post ;) You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers ... you're on my blogs FRONT PAGE even!

We wouldn't be crazy guys without crazy girls to keep things crazy... am I making sense?

Valerie Vogt said...

Ahhhh...Jake, Jake, Jake.

I have fun working with you, too :)